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The cost of the LRT

No LRT Hamilton is a grassroots organization looking to find answers to questions on the proposed Metrolinx light rail transit system that is being forced into Hamilton.
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Overall Cost

The Provincial government has promised $1B for the project, but how much it will cost to run, and who pays for that is yet to be negotiated. The fact is, it won’t be from the federal government, it will most likely be paid through more local taxes.

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Contrary to claims made by officials and light rail supporters, light rail doesn’t have the capacity to alleviate congestion. King street, one of Hamilton’s busiest thorough fares will be reduced to a single lane in either direction.

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Cost Overruns

Delays and cost overruns in LRT construction in Kitchener have forced the city to quadruple its 2016 budget for utility relocations. The same will likely happen in Hamilton.

Declining Ridership

Statistically ridership in North America is declining and Hamilton is no exception. The current B Line peak ridership peak direction is 444. Hamilton does not have the ridership to sustain an LRT which needs to see approx. 2,000 riders peak ridership peak direction.


The LRT will only offer 17 stops along the 14 km route while eliminating approximately 40 HSR bus stops. Each LRT stop will be approximately 400-800 metres apart. Along with limited pedestrian crossing, raised tracks, no left turns and limited vehicular travel accessibility is severely compromised especially for those elderly, disabled and mothers with young children.

Increased Taxes

Hamilton taxes will need to be increased in order to pay for overruns and operating costs.

We are a grassroots organization composed of private citizens and business owners from across the greater Hamilton area raising questions and concerns about the lack of information, misinformation and many unanswered questions regarding the proposed LRT project for Hamilton;

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