June 28, 2017

About Us

We are volunteers trying to help save the city from making a decision that will irreversibly hurt the city.

We are a group of concerned citizens and businesses advocating to stop the implementation of the proposed LRT project. We encourage everyone to support this initiative.

We are opposed to the LRT project because it will cost the taxpayers of Hamilton so much extra money that the city will be indebted for generations to come.

In 2015, Premiere Wynne committed to providing Hamilton through Metrolinx $1 Billion to fund an LRT system. This is a partial 14 km line, running from the Eastgate Square to McMaster University. It does not go the entire 14km distance that the current B-Line bus runs from Eastgate Mall to University Plaza. The project also had contained a spur line running along James St N from downtown to the new Harbour West GO Station.  Now eliminated in the plans . (A separate $200 Million has been offered to build a new GO station at Centennial Parkway near the QEW and the CN Niagara rail line. While expensive, we believe that it is a worthwhile investment.)

We have been told that the $1B will fully fund the capital costs of this project. This will cover the rail line for the 14 km, it will relocate city services (water, sewer, etc) and provide some infrastructure upgrades. Other necessary upgrades will be paid by the city costing hundreds of millions of dollars, costs that normally would have been deferred for years or decades. The $1B is also used to buy up lands that will be used to place the LRT. This means many businesses and residents will lose portions of, or entire properties.

The proposed LRT line will run mostly along the King/Main st Corridor which will adversely affect traffic along this major artery of the city.  The balance of  traffic will  be diverted to secondary arteries through residential districts.In addition using  Cannon and Barton, however neither of these roads go completely east-west from Red Hill Valley to the 403. Through traffic and deliveries will be severely impeded. Parking along  King will be eliminated which will hurt local businesses.

We are not anti-Transit, and we are not against the city receiving $1 Billion. Some are not even opposed to Light Rail if designed and implemented effectively. We are opposed to a poorly conceived, designed rail system that does not serve the city adequately and is being force-fit into an area that is not well suited to handle a rail line in conjunction with other transportation services. The LRT will be an incomplete line failing to completely replace the B-Line bus, reduce service to residents along and near the line, create undue hardship to elderly, physically challenged and mothers with young, that will require excessive subsidization without revenue in return that will in turn hurt the rest of the HSR system. We would rather see an investment in roads and buses (emission free  and electric).